Wednesday, December 5, 2007

JTA Publishes Article on JCM

Children's museum receives $10,000 grant

Published: 12/04/2007

The Jewish Children’s Museum in New York received a $10,000 grant for afterschool education.The Nissan Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Japanese automotive company, awarded the grant to the Brooklyn-based museum in recognition of its multicultural educational program.The money will support “Creative Kids,” an afterschool program that exposes children of all backgrounds to Jewish culture and traditions. Last year, 500 children aged 9 to 15 enjoyed arts and crafts, dance, nutrition, computers and homework tutoring through the program. Established in 1992, the Nissan Foundation provides grants to approximately 10 organizations each year, with a preference for educational programs that foster awareness among cultures.


stells said...

does this mean that the afterschool program for kids in crown heights will be starting again?

it was soooo good for the kids, I really hope that this means funding is being arranged for it to succeed.

Anonymous said...

I live in Crown Heights.

Why have I not heard of a program at the JCM that is called Creative Kids for kids 9-15?

I have never heard of the JCM having a program where kids can do homework or learn about nutrition.

That would be very nice program for the kids in our neighborhood.

A little under two years ago the JCM had an after school program called "Creative Kids" which was closed due to lack of funding.

I dont recall them having homework time, or nutrition classes.

However the other arts and crafts, dance, computer classes were great and very much appreciated by the kids in our neighborhood.

After school activities in wholesome enviornments are vital for our children.

check out

admitedly, the JCM is not a school administration.

Yet, the JCM, and Tzivos Hashem do have a good reputation for caring about the overall wellbeing of Jewish Children, even in Crown Heights.

Thank you and keep up and keep developing the fantastic work that you do.