Monday, May 12, 2008

Jewish Children’s Museum Takes Kids to Sinai (Sundays May 18-June 15)

Children are donning their goggles and flexing their muscles for Sinai Sensation, a feature exhibit at the Jewish Children’s Museum in honor of the pending holiday of Shavuot, which commemorates the giving of the Torah. Children are invited to retrace the steps of the Jewish People’s exodus from Egypt, experience the giving of the Torah and get up close with ancient Torah scrolls.

Blending with the normal Museum tour, Sinai Sensation offers a host of engaging Sinai experiences. Children will turn into archaeologists by putting on goggles and fishing through a mock water-bed to find ancient treasures left behind during the splitting of the sea. Kids can find a wealth (literally!) of surprises; the deeper the dig, the more exciting the find.

The more earthy tribe member will revel in the Desert Challenge, a more competitive and demanding version of the Jewish peoples’ desert-trek. Kids get to strategies and traverse their way through a 36’ rock-climbing wall – without protective clouds or a torch leading the way.

All swimmers and climbers eventually find their way to Mount Sinai, where they will witness the giving of the Torah. Children will watch the Ten Commandments descend on a cloud, accompanied by a spectacular sound-and-light show.

Along with all the Sinai interaction, the Museum will be bringing children even more up close by revealing ancient Torah scrolls and teaching about the Torah’s intricate writing process.

Sinai Sensation is accented by a live Shavuot game show and original Torah craft.